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Struggling with heartbreak induced eating this is for you….

castleguard / Pixabay

I have been in a somewhat personally and bodily induced hiatus and felt it time from the yearnings of my spirit to share with you an inspirational poem. If you are in a period of heartbreak from a break up, a falling away of one season of your life to another, where the transition isn’t […]

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5+ ways to feel good in your skin at Christmas

cegoh / Pixabay

Before I dive into the Christmas folly and silliness season, I wanted to share with you what’s been happening in my world. I wanted to let you know that you have been and are in my thoughts. I had a loss of a loved one. Have you ever had an ending to a relationship, loved […]

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Wanting to feel at home wherever you are…

Wildschuetz / Pixabay

I wanted to share with you poetry that I’ve created in the midst of what I can only call a deepening acceptance of myself and where I am at. This I pray will help you to feel that whatever you are going through today, in this moment that you are connected and held by the […]

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Harness & increase your sexual energy with Catherine Navarro


For the next divine and deep chat I have the pleasure of connecting with Catherine Navarro. It is a very exciting topic in which we discuss your creative sexual energy. Standing in your love rather than power and allowing what you want and what you don’t rather than erecting boundaries around yourself and your world. […]

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